Version control strategy with TFS

Suppose you work on a product and you want to release something. As an initial setup you could start with a folder were the source code existing.

At some point in time some of the basic requirements are implemented, the next step is testing your application. Let’s say you have some friends that will help on that. Meanwhile you get new requirements and you don’t what to mess up the existing code base, because you want to release the tested code.

At this point you could create a branch in TFS. 

1. Create Main source folder and convert it to branch



2. Create a new branch Dev from the Main branch. Right click the Main branch and select Branch under Branching and Merging



3. Create a new branch from Dev called Release Candidate. Here you will have the code that is tested and will be shipped to the public.

It’s handy to have a visual hint regarding of how the branches are split.  Go to Main and choose View Hierarchy under Branching and Merging .



This is a simple strategy that will help you build, test and release you application.


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