Software development challenges

Now days regardless of the team size all developers share the same challenges:

Integration problems:
Many of us use third-party tools and integrating with them can be very hard. One of the problems is duplicating/copying information in those systems and learning curve.

Geographically distributed teams:
We need tools that scale for worldwide teams. Communication is hard and also there aren’t some good collaboration tools so it’s very easy introduce errors when requirements or specifications are mapped wrong. Teams like these needs a unified system and a well design process, all things integrated in a single package.

Segmentation of roles:

Loosing important information on in a hierarchy of roles is a common mistake.

Bad reporting:
It’s hard and time consuming to manually get data from different places.Running reports is easy when you have all the data in a single place and you can aggregate as you like.

Lack of process guidance:
Often we have a high level of dependencies right from start: big solutions, a lot of code. Adding to that a huge team, without a tool that defines a strict process things can go wrong.


Finding, fixing and validating bugs needs to be very straightforward. All things need to be logged so that we won’t loose any piece of information due to a poor communication.

Communication problems
We need to track every piece of information. Messages can be deleted, papers can be lost. Version everything.


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