Skype and C# – change your status text from a console app

If you want to integrate your application with Skype you can do it by using Skype4COM. This is a COM library that is installed with Skype on your local machine.

You can download the library from this link or you can search this page for more examples

I will show you a short example of how you could change your status from C#.

  • Create a Console Application in Visual Studio 2010 and make sure you set your target to .NET 4.0
  • Right click on the project and select Add Reference. In the COM section search for ‘skype’, select Skype4COM and click Add.


  • In your console application do the following:
    • add name space 
      • using SKYPE4COMLib;
    • add this code
      • var skype = new Skype();
        skype.CurrentUserProfile.MoodText = "Set from my app";