With Endava at Hackathon

I had a great experience participating on Endava’s  Hackathon. logo_jpgThis event hosted at Casa Moțească was a big success in my option because I saw passion and willing for this to go well. Congrats to Adela and Diana for organizing this event.

I felt so good with ICARUS team, working tougher and struggle to build something to make our life’s easier. That’s was the Hackathon tagline.



Icarus team ( from left to right) : Cristian Blaga, Viorel Petrea, Mihai Moldovan, Emil Marginean, Sebi Boga




We build a solution to help everyone track and measure energy value of foods they eat. As a team we imagined this context in which as a simple user you could search for products or restaurant menus and create your recipes in order to keep your fit or  even loose some weight. But as a selling person/manufacturer you could promote your product for a fee. We offered to our users a nice user experience, interactive UI and also accurate data. 

Few screenshot’s below: