How to sync LiveWriter drafts to Dropbox

Still having problems with synchronization, apparently Dropbox doesn’t detect the new changes made in the junction parent folder.

For me the Windows Live Writer is the best tool writing posts. A simple tutorial can be found here.
I like it because I can start writing the post offline, adding screenshots and save the draft locally. It’s like in Word.

What I would like is to keep this draft documents synced because I want to modify posts and publish them again.
So, I would like to use Dropbox the keep them synced.

Dropbox doesn’t know how to sync other directories besides the root directory choosen at install.
Livewriter only knows to save drafts in user documents folder.


So, the trick is to use a tool from Sysinternals called Junction which knows to create directory symbolic link.
In other words, you can create a directory link/shortcut in a folder like it were physically there.

Download Junction and run a command like this:




If you navigate to Dropbox folder:




And now Dropbox thinks Livewriter is a new directory and starts to sync files.